Unfair Dismissal

Getting sacked is not pleasant. But we can help you protect your legal rights. Most Unfair Dismissal claims settle for significant financial compensation without going to Court. Some Unfair Dismissal claims result in people winning their jobs back.

Strict time limits apply so call us on 0411263614 or 02 89642276  to ensure you are eligible to make a claim.

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About the Unfair Dismissal App

Have you been sacked, made redundant or told to “go quietly”? This free app helps you understand your rights to sue for unfair dismissal under Australia’s Fair Work Act.

WorkLawyers’ Unfair Dismissal Assessor app is ground breaking legal software combining your circumstances to the main legal hurdles that employees have to overcome to have their unfair dismissal claim heard in Australia’s Fair Work Commission.

In just a few minutes this free app from Worklawyers will allow you to understand whether or not you are eligible to make a claim for Unfair Dismissal.

This free app does this by setting out the jurisdictional barriers (were you dismissed? are you within time to make a claim? did you work past your probation period? are you under the high income threshold?) that if resolved in your favour show if you can make a valid claim for unfair dismissal.

The app then gives you a summary of the information you can use later. It’s then up to you if you want to take it further. So no cold calls from lawyers. Guaranteed!

And don’t worry, given the vast majority of claims for unfair dismissal settle, it is often the case that claims for unfair dismissal won’t require you to “go (or pay to go) to Court”.

As part of WorkLawyers’ commitment to increasing access to justice, this app is free. Ratings and feedback on the app are encouraged and very welcome!

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