I’d worked for a publishing company for many years when an ongoing medical condition became more serious. Kristian advised me about my employer’s right to require that I attend a medical assessment, giving me options that were assertive without being aggressive. I was extremely glad that I engaged his services — partly because he knew how to approach the company, partly because he gave me clear options, but also because having his expert advice gave me back my peace of mind.
Alison Senior Editor, NSW

Kristian appeared as my advocate in a matter before the Fair Work Commission on a number of occasions. He was able to secure an Order for production of relevant documents and payment of some of my out of pocket costs caused by my ex-employer. I was really pleased about being reimbursed my costs as it enabled me to make my former employer pay for their scheming behaviour to financially harm me. Kristian is a methodical, thorough, persuasive advocate who remained totally
focused on my case.

Carolyn Manager, Queensland
I had the misfortune to work for a very greedy boss. I was threatened with termination for not reaching a sales target that I never agreed to. Kristian quickly fired off a threatening letter. It must have worked because my boss backed down and I moved on to a much nicer workplace. I was really pleased that Kristian was more than willing to be aggressive while always being  mindful of the strategic objective of keeping me at work until I had time to find a new job. Knowing Kristian got my boss to back down was money well spent.
Scott Finance Industry, Near Melbourne.
WorkLawyers helped me find closure for a very complicated employment matter with a very large international airline. This involved the briefing of a QC for urgent advice. I was relieved that Kristian’s advice was comprehensive, easy to understand, thorough and not too expensive.  I certainly recommend him.
Jenny Flight Attendant , Sydney
I got a consulting contract with a large international organisation. Kristian reviewed my contract and proposed amendments that gave me more certainty over my income and provided other realistic changes to increase the benefits of the contract to me. Kristian‘s changes were broadly accepted by the organisation. While Kristian‘s services weren’t cheap, his practical no-nonsense approach and tangible outcomes, easily paid for themselves. I will go back to Kristian again.
Jason Employed by a French based organisation, Sydney.

Kristian advised me about ​accepting an invitation to work  the Australian higher education sector.  ​I​was working internationally at the time, ​it was comforting that Kristian ​was able to accomodate long distance communication and made himself available to  meet with me on Skype. He provide me with a clear path ​of advice​ in order make negotiations in regard to my new university ​ position​ in which the best outcome was achieved.

Nancy Academic, Melbourne