Whether you’re starting, growing, downsizing, selling or closing your business WorkLawyers are ready and able to help.  We can advise you about a range of employment law issues including:

  • The lawful entitlements you are required to pay your staff in all circumstances.
  • Employee Contract drafting, negotiation and review.
  • How to make an enterprise agreement with your staff in a manner that best reflects your competitive business context and provides your staff with better off overall pay and conditions than their relevant Award.
  • Civilised performance management techniques to get things back on track and avoid an Unfair Dismissal claim.
  • In house training for Stop Bullying and Discrimination Laws.
  • Your lawful consultation and redundancy requirements.

Since you’re interested, there’s a big difference between lawful and unethical. WorkLawyers have no interest in helping clients behave in an unethical manner. Employers that wish to cancel agreements or manufacture outcomes should go elsewhere. That said, we know that not every employee understands the concept of ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’. Some employees are simply not suitable either. Over the years we’ve probably seen it all. So the take home message is that we’re happy to help ethical employers resolve their problems in a reasonable and lawful way.

These are just some of the services that WorkLawyers offers. Contact us to start the process of fixing your issues at work.

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