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A quick and dirty explainer to employment in the COVID-19 era:

Being Stood Down, requesting annual leave, getting sacked and being made redundant.

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Kristian Bolwell is the principal solicitor of WorkLawyers.  For more than 10 years he worked as an industrial officer for the Fire Brigade Union in the New South Wales Public Sector, as the in-house industrial relations lawyer for the Employee Association for Qantas and International Pilots and as the Senior National Legal Officer for the Maritime Union of Australia. With an Honours degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Relations and a Masters of Aviation he is well equipped to assist you navigate a wide range of employment issues.

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Fast response

We have a 100% success rate of responding on the same day and we aim to keep it.

Frank advice

We’ll give it to you straight. No smoke and mirrors allowed. You’ll know where you stand when you talk to us.

Fair (and clear) prices

There is no charge for our first discussion and you control how much we do for you.

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